New version of programme Precis and Rally isn't compatible with the previous 3.xx.xx and 4.xx.xx!
This means that competitions counted with previous programme will not be able to be opened correctly!
FAI Precis or FAI Rally new version will be installed in "FAI Precis 5" and "FAI Rally 5" directory.
Information about version can be found in menu Help -> About.

1) Setup file for Precision Flying, version 5 (see details in Our products )

2) Setup file for Rally Flying, version 5 (see details in Our products )

3) The GPS.exe file for Precision Flying and Rally Flying 3.xx.xx and 4.xx.xx versions.

4) If you have installed PF version 5.00.00 (menu Help - About - Version) replace file
Precis_Win50.exe by this file (in case standard installation is file Precis_Win50.exe situated
in C:\FAI Precis5\Precis_Win\.

Note: programmes in this section are full versions, only the number of competitors (crews) is limited to max.3.
If you are interested in version without any restriction contact us on our e-mail info@flynavigation.eu.